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About us

Advanced RNG  for unpredictable numbers

We are a team of ardent enthusiasts that love playing with Quantum Computing to make businesses future-ready. We pride in the unpredictability, unbreakableness, and the uncertainty by the numbers generated by our RQubit generator.

Why Choose Us?
  • Our RNG is Certified
  • Completely unpredictable random bits.
  • ‘No Cloning’ feature enabled with theoretical backup
  • Fail-safe generation of random bits.
  • Each of Our Generated RQuBit has 100% entropy
  • Highly Resilient from Environmental Fluctuations

We are passionate team. We create everything.

Future-proof and quantum-safe

The level of security is the highest with our world-class RNG that uses quantum computing to generate the full entropy random RQubits.

Platform, Architecture & Environment Independent

No need for regular up-gradation of the system as our RQubit Generator works independently on every platform and any environment.

Scalable, Robust, Customizable Randomness

RQubit Generator comes with customizable randomness to make it easy for businesses to scale at their will or when the situation demands.