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How Quantum Computing Can Help Secure the Future of Encryption?

There was a time when quantum computing was just a term for the future, but not anymore! Now the technology has made its entry in the real world and is starting to show its practicality in the applications of the real world. Though the technology is still new and is in its early stages of […]

9 Practical Examples of How Quantum Computing Will Change Our World

Throughout the history of the evolution of technology, computers have helped us to calculate, the vastness of space and the minute details of subatomic particles. We all know that the computers outperform human minds when it comes to counting and calculating, or following logical yes/no algorithms and the credit goes to the electrons moving through […]

Can Quantum Computing Transform the Financial Services Industry!

Quantum computing, as we all know is a renowned and revolutionary concept, is all set to transform the financial services industry. Although technology has been present since 1981, in recent times, there have been many changes that served as a great boon to the change. These quantum computers work on the principle of quantum mechanics, […]

Unraveling The Impact Of Quantum Computing On Blockchain

Data is the most crucial aspect of every business these days. Not only is having data essential but keeping it secure is equally necessary. As per a report, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. It is no wonder why businesses like banking, eCommerce, logistics, security services, defense invest a lump sum amount of […]

How is Quantum Computing Reshaping Cyber Security?

In this 21st generation, cybersecurity can be termed as one of the most essential concepts of the internet world. It helps in preventing data breaches, cyberattacks, identity theft, etc. and make sure that our data stay hack free from all kind of intruders. To this date, most organizations help in securing their data with the […]

Why is it Essential for Business Leaders to Care About Quantum Computing? – Random Quantum

There was a time when quantum computing was just a theoretical concept and was considered a thing of the future. However, Google and IBM have made this concept into reality by developing quantum computing machines. According to Google, their quantum computer, which is of 53-Qubits, has the ability to crack a complex problem in just […]

Need for Random Numbers in Encryption

There’s a thin line between random number generator and a true random number generator. Though the two terms differ by a single word ‘true’, it has great implications. So let’s explore the role random numbers play in encryptions and how the two vary.

Secure your RSA Encryption with Random Quantum RQubit

Rivest–Shamir–Adleman, commonly known as the RSA Algorithm, is a public-key cryptosystem that is used for securing data transmission.

What is the need for True Random Numbers in Cryptography

A Random quantum uses the randomness of the generator to build layers of protection into business online security. The true random number generator helps create strong keys that cannot be predicted and true random in nature.

Hardware and Quantum Random Number Generators and Partial Determinism! Why we should not use it?

Random number generators, or RNGs, have applications in the fields of computer science and engineering. They have been primarily used in cryptography and cyber security for the purpose of producing random numbers as security keys for businesses and consumers.