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9 Practical Examples of How Quantum Computing Will Change Our World

Throughout the history of the evolution of technology, computers have helped us to calculate, the vastness of space and the minute details of subatomic particles. We all know that the computers outperform human minds when it comes to counting and calculating, or following logical yes/no algorithms and the credit goes to the electrons moving through their circuitry at the speed of light.

Global leaders like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Random Quantum and Intel are racing to leverage the power of quantum computing with an aim to change the world by solving problems that the traditional computers aren’t able to handle.

It is estimated that quantum computers will disrupt every industry ranging from healthcare to cybersecurity and more. As the race accelerates to create quantum computers and utilize quantum computing in encryption, here are just a few ways quantum computing will change our world.

Better Life-Saving Medicines

Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence (AI), which offers better feedback to calculate probabilities from many possible choices and improved performance. With technology, humans can create life-saving medicines to solve some of science’s most complex problems.

More Robust AI

Artificial Intelligence is a great technology, but Quantum Computing has the potential to change artificial intelligence by giving massive computing power. It has the potential to hold a real conversation with humans and understand what is actually being said.

More Energy-Efficient Materials

Quantum computing uses the fundamental laws of physics to perform an incomprehensible number of calculations in a snap. It allows us to create more energy-efficient materials, which we cannot yet even conceive.

Enhanced Cyber Security

Quantum computing has a positive and negative side of online security. The negative; the current data encryption tactics will become obsolete. The positive; methods like quantum key distribution and quantum-safe encryption make it nearly impossible to interpret messages, thanks to the peculiar properties of quantum mechanics.

Improved Weather Forecasting

No matter how advanced tools are used, weather forecasting remains a bit of a guessing game for the global countries. Thanks to the ability to analyze all the data at once, meteorologists leverage the power of quantum computers to have a much better idea of weather forecasting.

Effortless Traffic Control

Quantum computing helps streamline traffic control – in the air and on the ground. Pilots can quickly and efficiently calculate the optimal routes concurrently for efficient scheduling and reduced traffic congestion. It also helps enhance fleet operations and deliveries.

Fundamental Science

With the power of quantum computing, scientific research will greatly benefit. Unlike the current supercomputers, quantum computers can easily access to the scientific community, areas like space research, which require tremendous processing power.

Final Words:

Quantum Computing is a revolutionary technology, having the power to affect almost every industry from banking to medicine and more. The technology will change everything for the better when applied correctly. The quantum computer offers humans the ability to solve even the most complex problems that are beyond the limits of traditional computers or even supercomputers.