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Can Quantum Computing Transform the Financial Services Industry!

Quantum computing, as we all know is a renowned and revolutionary concept, is all set to transform the financial services industry. Although technology has been present since 1981, in recent times, there have been many changes that served as a great boon to the change. These quantum computers work on the principle of quantum mechanics, having the ability to process complex computation, using quantum bits or Rqubits in the finance industry. They can operate 100,000 times faster and have the ability to store far more data than traditional computers.

In the recent past, the finance industry has seen many changes and it’s been increasingly driven by new technologies such as cryptocurrency, fintech, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, etc. Quantum Computing is likely to take over the charge in the finance industry and it’s expected to address various complex issues facing the sector.

RQubit in Random Quantum

RQubit is a revolutionary introduction to Quantum Computing, designed to provide a competitive advantage to the global financial market, allowing the banking and finance industry to make their encryption and security applications quantum-safe. After all, the financial security of the consumers is the biggest concern that every business faces and RQubit for banking and finance make it possible. This is a revolutionary tool, developed by the research team of Random Quantum. It serves as a primitive solution for the commercialization of cryptographic applications.

Some of the segments in financial services that can benefit from RQubit include: Handling Sensitive Data

For the Banking and Financial institutions, the safety of the sensitive data and their management can be a tough task. However, this is made possible with the help of RQubite as the banking and financial institutions can use Full entropy, NIST and Dieharder certified random bits for a classical encryption algorithm. Thanks to the randomness of Quantum Computing, breaking the key of a hybrid encryption technique is nearly impossible for the hackers, this ensures complete safety of the encrypted financial data.

Resolving Migration Issues

This is the most common challenge that most banks and financial institutions face. Migration can be quite expensive and unplanned deployment of a new foundation may lead to various difficulties and design flaws. To help businesses migrate easily without facing any catastrophic failure, RQubit’s comes with fail-safe generated bits that can be used and customized for different banking and financial applications. Apart from this, RQubit is free from adaptive and corrective hardware, thanks to the platform and architecture-independent mode of operation, which means you always get the quantum leap.

Offering Cyber-Immuned Financial Data To Industries

RQubit for the banking and finance industry comes with a revolutionary technology, Generator Module, that serves as an intrinsically random property of quantum computation. The technology is backed up with a ‘no-cloning’ feature, which allows the RQubit to generate a fully unbreakable stream of bits, thus resulting in offering completely cyber-immuned financial data for assured peace of mind.

Final Words

To sum up, the implication of quantum computing can transform the financial services industry and the introduction of advanced technologies like RQubit Random Quantum now appears to be most interesting in quantum computing to help businesses maximize gains.