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How is Quantum Computing Reshaping Cyber Security?

In this 21st generation, cybersecurity can be termed as one of the most essential concepts of the internet world. It helps in preventing data breaches, cyberattacks, identity theft, etc. and make sure that our data stay hack free from all kind of intruders.

To this date, most organizations help in securing their data with the help of classical computers. They have proven quite efficient in doing their work from the past few decades but their efficiency is bound to be decreased within the next few years. This is so because there has been a huge upgrade in the technological world with the upcoming of quantum computing.

The technology is still in its initial years and has a long way to go ahead. Digital or classical computers help in providing cybersecurity through the concepts of the binary system. They make encryption algorithms such as RSA, Bell’s, etc., stronger by generating keys that are developed with the help of 0 and 1.

Each bit is generated with the help of the advanced random number generator and the values are assigned in a way that they remain unpredicted and unique. However, if anyone tries to hack these algorithms with the help of quantum computing then hacking can possibly be done in just a few minutes.

Although, if the keys used by the encryption algorithm are generated with the help of a Quantum random number generator then the cybersecurity will be the strongest. This is because the quantum number generator has the ability to work on higher ranges. It is not limited to 0 and 1 but an entire range of possibilities between them. This makes the keys truly unique, unpredictable, and unhackable.

How Quantum Computing Will Change the Future of Cybersecurity?

There are several reasons why quantum computing will reshape the current cybersecurity process and those are listed down below:

It Offers Lightning Fast Speed

The speed at which a quantum computer works is incomparable to that of any modern-day computer. Google has developed a 53-Qubit Quantum Computer and they claim that it can break the blockchain encryptions in just 200 seconds for which a classic computer will take more than 10,000 years.

Ability To Solve The Most Complex Calculations

One of the biggest benefits of quantum computers is that they can work in high ranges. This gives them the power to solve the most complex and difficult calculations in a very less amount of time.

Provides Better Security

As mentioned above, a quantum computer works between the entire range of 0 and 1 and has the ability to generate keys that are truly random and unique. The level of encryption that a quantum computer can produce is unmatchable and it is nearly impossible to crack them. Therefore, providing better security to the systems.

Platform Independency

Quantum computers work on the concept of cloud computing. Hence there are no hardware up-gradation issues. Also, this makes them work faster and highly resilient from environmental fluctuations.