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How Quantum Computing Can Help Secure the Future of Encryption?

There was a time when quantum computing was just a term for the future, but not anymore! Now the technology has made its entry in the real world and is starting to show its practicality in the applications of the real world. Though the technology is still new and is in its early stages of development, the researchers and scientists have made excellent progress in exploring the usage of this wonderful technology. In today’s world, every large scale organization is relying on the data, let it be the banking sector, governments, defense, or social media. All these have data of billions of people worldwide that carry details of all the information of the people. So securing the data is of primary concern for all these organizations as if the security is breached, it can lead to a big blunder. For securing the data, almost every organization makes use of the different encryption techniques. Encryption of the data is done with the help of the different algorithms such as RSA, Shor’s, or Bell’s algorithm. All these are different ways through which the data can be encrypted on one end using one set of keys and then again can be decrypted with another set of keys. For generating these keys that get used by the algorithm, there are advanced random number generators available that generate distinct keys using the concept of 0 and 1. Although the range of 0 and 1 is too big and it is extremely difficult to crack the code using classical computers but it is not impossible. As quantum computing technology will find access in the market, it will become a matter of seconds for a quantum computer to hack such keys. So it is extremely important to raise the level of encryption that our systems are relying on right now. How Quantum Computing Can Help in Making the Encryptions More Secured? The quantum computers work on the unique concepts of the qubits making them super fast. In the encryption process, algorithms such as RSA, Bell’s and Shor’s make use of the random number generator that works on the concept of 0 and 1 when using a classical computer. However, using quantum computing can make the algorithm stronger and unhackable as the range of keys generated through the quantum computer is unmatchable. A Quantum random number generator generates full entropy random bits that are fully unpredictable and the generated bits have zero correlation with each other. Their range is not just limited to 0 and 1 but an entire range of possibilities between them. So using quantum computing technology to generate the keys can bring a revolution in the world of Cryptography and will help in making the encryptions more stronger and secure.