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Secure your RSA Encryption with Random Quantum RQubit

Rivest–Shamir–Adleman, commonly known as the RSA Algorithm, is a public-key cryptosystem that is used for securing data transmission. RSA uses a public key for encrypting the data and a separate private key for the decryption process. However, the data that is being transmitted through the RSA algorithm can be compromised if someone tries to tamper with or hack the public key system. RSA public-key encryption makes use of high range prime numbers for encrypting the data. However, the random numbers that are generated are not the securest and have the possibility of getting cracked. That is the reason for developing a random number generator that is based on quantum computing. A quantum random number generator successfully generates full entropy random bits with higher precision making the data unpredictable and harder to break. How is RQubit Random Number Generator Better Than a Normal RNG? RQubit Random Number Generator is totally based on the concept of Quantum Computing that ensures that the keys generated do not remain limited to the bits of 0 and 1. With quantum, the range of possibilities widens, and the generated keys become truly unpredictable and unique.
Other factors that differentiate RQubit RNG from others are:
Less Susceptible to Hardware Constraints
One of the best features of our RQubit Random Number Generator is that it is independent of any platform and architecture. The RNG is based on cloud computing that makes it easy to access for the users. Also, there will be no hardware upgrading issues in the system that may slow the encryption process down. This is a general problem that is faced when encrypting through the RSA algorithm. Due to the use of a high ranging prime numbers for encryption, the system usually slows down.
Uniform Distribution of Bits
The RQubit Generator uniformly distributes the bits fully exhausting the number spaces making the keys statistically independent.
RQubit Random Number Generator Successfully Cracked the NIST and Dieharder Test
The most significant proof that shows the efficiency of RQubit Generator is the results of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the Dieharder Test that were successfully passed by the RQubit Generator. Both these are top international level tests to check the true randomness of a machine.
RQubit Provides Full Unpredictable Random Bits
RQubit is special because it has the ability to generate the most unpredictable keys that have zero correlation with each other. This is achieved with the help of quantum computing. The quantum random number generator does not limit it to the range of 0 and 1 and creates a bigger possibility of results.
Easy Online Access to the RQubit Generator
The RQubit generator by Random Quantum is based on cloud computing providing the ease to use to its users. Other Random number generators require hardware on which the RNG can be installed and used. However, RQubit is a random number generator online that gives you the power to encrypt data with ease.