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Why is it Essential for Business Leaders to Care About Quantum Computing? – Random Quantum

There was a time when quantum computing was just a theoretical concept and was considered a thing of the future. However, Google and IBM have made this concept into reality by developing quantum computing machines. According to Google, their quantum computer, which is of 53-Qubits, has the ability to crack a complex problem in just 200 seconds for which it may take 10,000 plus years to solve by a classical computer. Now that is how efficient a quantum computer is.

If that is the speed and effectiveness of a quantum machine, then breaking into a cryptographic system will be a piece of cake for such a machine. So, it is an essential time for every business leader to start thinking about upgrading their security to quantum-safe.

Several organizations have built a quantum random number generator that produces the keys used by encryption algorithms such as RSA, Bell’s, and Shor’s but most of them are hardware dependent. The advanced random number generator developed by Random Quantum can generate full entropy random bits and it’s hardware independent. That means that the generated keys or the bits by the generator are truly random, unique, and can not be predicted at all.

Services that Benefit from Quantum Random Number Generator

A quantum random number generator can be helpful for providing high-end security to several organizations. The banking sector is one of the main enterprises that need the highest levels of security and by going quantum the data of millions of people can be secured. Other than that, quantum computing can secure the data for defense organizations, insurance companies, and various other government and private organizations.

How Can Quantum Computing Raise the Level of Encryption?

Quantum computing is a highly efficient way through which the security of a system can be raised by a million times. As mentioned above, using quantum computing, keys can be generated that are unpredictable and have zero correlations with each other. These keys, when used by the encryption algorithms, secure the data and make sure to make the generated keys fully unpredictable and unique.

Nowadays, for generating the keys that help in the encryption process are generated by using 0 and 1. Each bit gets a different value and a combination is made using the prime numbers so that it becomes harder to break the security. In the case of a quantum random number generator, the range is not limited to 0 and 1 but an entire range of possibilities between them.

This gives the system the availability of using a very high range. Even for a quantum computer, it will be extremely difficult to crack such keys. That is why quantum computing is the need for upcoming generations. Securing the data through quantum computing will make sure that the data is secured and free from any hacks.

Also,  Random Quantum is a better option because it is much faster than the current systems and also is hardware and architecture-independent. It works on the concept of cloud computing which makes it highly resilient from environmental fluctuations and any hardware upgrades.

So for every business leader, it is extremely important to look into the world of Quantum Computing. By going quantum, they can raise the level of their security to a level that can not be hacked in any way.