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Cryptographic Applications

Quantum Packed Encryptions Are Impossible To Crack
Cryptography is the technique of protecting data and communications by using keys. But the pattern that most cryptographic keys (unintentionally) follow, proves to be a trojan horse and compromises the data protected therein. But our RQubit Generator brings in the unpredictability of Quantum Computing and makes Cryptography hackproof and failsafe.
The era of quantum computing has initiated and it is just a matter of a few years that every technology that we are working on right now will have the concept of quantum computing. This is so because this wonderful technology has the ability to revolutionize the current technological system. Also, by going quantum, the level of current cryptography will reach new heights.
Encryptions and Network Security
If Encryptions are oxygen to network security, RQubit Generator is the tree of life. So have a look at how RQubits impacts the capability of the following industries.

Encryption Industry

RQubit Generator provides encryption needs for all kinds of clients and networks.


The most novel segment of the encryption blockchain industry can also level up their encryptions like never before.

Financial Sector

RNG keeps your financial records safe and secure by generating the most undetectable keys.
Applying Quantum Computing to make your Cryptography top notch
We seamlessly deliver true randomness, unpredictability, and unbreakableness to empower your cryptography to the next level. So brace yourself to be impressed by some cool features of RQubit Generator mentioned below.

01. Purely Random

With zero co-relation of bits generated, the RQubit generator assures complete randomness.

02. Proven and Tested

Each Number cartridge of 10 million bits will be backed up by NIST and Dieharder test certificates.

03. No need for Sampling & Whitening

Our RNG is smart enough to bypass these two steps and still deliver full entropy with perfection.

04. Hardware & Platform Independent

RQubit Generator is a cloud-based Random Number Generator, which makes it independent of hardware malfunctions and maintenance requirements.
Cryptography Now Vs Future Cryptography

In this digital age, every organization is relying on the data. Data is considered to be the most important factor for an organization. So it is of prime concern for every company to keep its data secured from any leaks or hacks. For it, every organization, let it be Banks, Facebook, Insurance, etc. make use of the cryptographic process so that their data remains safe.

There are several encryption algorithms such as Bells’s Algorithm, Shor’s Algorithm, RSA Algorithm, etc. that help to keep up with the security of the data. These algorithms encrypt the data by generating a key with the help of a random number generator that is unpredictable and helps in securing the data. However, the current random number generator works on bits that are generated using the binary system i.e. 0 and 1. They make different permutation and combinations from 0 and 1 and assign the values to various bits.

Although there have been several cyber attacks in the past to break through these keys, the system has maintained its value. However, if one tries to break into these keys using quantum computer, it will be a matter of seconds to hack it. So it is necessary that we shift our current cryptographic systems to quantum-safe cryptography systems.

For it, there are some organizations that have been able to make a quantum random number generator through which the keys generated are fully unpredictable, unhackable, and unbreakable.

When using quantum computing to generate the keys, the keys do not only get generated through 0 and 1 but an entire possibility of values between them. This increases the range of the keys to a very high extent and the keys become truly unique and random. Using this concept of quantum computing, the cryptographic process will become more secure and hack-proof.

Use of RQubits in Encryption

When the encryption algorithm starts and works on generating the keys, quantum computing becomes useful and uses its concept to make such keys that have zero relation between each other. The key distribution is done in such a way that it fully exhausts the number space between the bits. Also, as quantum computing technology works on the cloud-based servers, it is free from any adaptive hardware maintenance and upgrades.


The role of quantum computing in making the cryptographic process safe for the future will be huge in the technological world. Generating RQubits ensures that the data remains safe from any kind of hacks and breaches as it is extremely hard and near to impossible to hack RQubits. So every organization should switch their current cryptographic system to quantum cryptographic systems to make their data, future, and quantum-safe.