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Statistical Simulation


Realize the true power of Statistics with a true random number generator.

The best statistics have the characteristics of unbiased, true randomness and data sufficiency. However, most Random Number Generators that are used for sampling of data, follow a pattern and an unintentional bias creeps in. But the RQubit Generator is based on Quantum Computing, where bias stands no chance at all. RQubits are proven to be truly random, unpredictable and uncertain.
  • T RQubit Generator eliminates the possibility of errors.
  • True randomness allows for the equiprobable chance of selection.
  • Deficit in specific knowledge of sampling will not be a hindrance with RQubits.
  • Full entropy in generated numbers eradicates the possibility of bias.
  • Guaranteed error-free mapping of data samples.
  • RQubit’s unpredictability and uncertainty keeps data simple yet reliable.
Advanced Random Number Generator For Advanced Statistics
Quantum Random Number Generator has revolutionized the way statistics are generated and processed. Thus, with RQubits, you can now make your stats more advanced and predict the most optimal outcomes for the future, with a completely unbiased sample.

Government & Military

Get the most advanced decision-making capabilities where data deficit is never a hindrance.

Biomedical Engineering

Get the most unique & random seed for computing the gene pool variations with perfection.

Finance & Banking

Predict the unpredictable trends of the financial markets with RQubits true random samples.

Chemical Engineering

Beat the uncertainty of chemical processes with the uncertainty of RQubits. There are endless possibilities to explore!


Though the entire universe is not within access, unique and unbiased sampling can allow the propagation of power-packed analysis.

Algorithmic Information Theory

The characteristic uniqueness of RQubits make them indestructible and thus can advance your study on strings, data structures, etc.