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Bringing Unpredictability into the Predictable World!

Random Quantum perfectly fills the voids of predictability in cryptography, encryption, and many other domains, with one simple solution – its unique Random Number Generator (RNG). But that’s not it! We have plenty more reasons to prove that we’ll be the perfect match for your random number generation needs. Here’s why:
  • Highly skilled team of Quantum Scientists and Physicists.
  • Our RNG method is Future-proof and Quantum-safe.
  • Free from adaptive hardware maintenance and upgrades.
  • We provide full unpredictability through zero correlation of generated bits.
  • ‘No Cloning’ feature enabled with theoretical backup.
  • Platform and architecture-independent tool.
  • We have individual NIST and Dieharder certification.
  • Highly resilient from environmental fluctuations.
Our Test Results
Yay! We passed the NIST and Dieharder tests with flying colors! The NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology which is a US-based organization with several noble prize-winning members. The Dieharder test has been developed by George Marsaglia who is a known American computing scientist. Together, these two are the top international level tests of true randomness. Believe what you see? No problem! Here’s a free sample of our RQubits, for you to test its unpredictability and the authenticity of our claims.