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Webinar on Quantum Computing

Understand about Quantum Computing and how it different from Classical Computing from experts

Probabilistic Solution

Hackproof and Cheat-Proof Gaming is Now Possible with RQubits!

A truly random source feed by RQubit generator will keep the heads of cheat code makers go gaga.

Statistical Solution

Perfectly Unbiased Sampling For Truly Empowered Future Plans!

RQubits truly Random Sampling completely eliminates the possibility of biasedness, and error containment, while bringing in equiprobable chances of selection.

Cryptographic Solution

True Random Number Generator Powered by Quantum Computing!

Quantum generated RQubits are guaranteed to be unbreakable, unpredictable, and truly random.

What is this

True Random Number as a Service

Random Quantum is the first Israel based company to provide RNaaS (Random Number as a Service) using Quantum Information processing as its underlying technology. With its verified source of genuine randomness, Random Quantum provides its clients with scalable, failsafe, and just-in-time random number service. Random Quantum harnesses the real power of randomness of Quantum Computing to generate intrinsically unpredictable numbers.
Transforming the Future by Going Quantum

Industry Segments We Cater To

What makes Random quantum Rqubit different?

The scope of benefits of using RQubit Generator is much wider and larger than any other

Random Number Generator

RQubit Random Number generator
Build powerful applications with Random Quantum’s RQubits, and never look back on data breaching woes. We deliver future-readiness that is long-lasting, unchallengeable and future safe.
True Random Number Generation with powerful features like Hardware Independence, Scalability, Robustness, and Customizable randomness.
RQubit Generator gives you complete control over how you generate your full entropy numbers. Though unpredictability is a sure asset with RQubits, having the power to scale at will and stay independent of hardware malfunctions is another awesome reason to choose Random Quantum.

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